Programme Schedule
at Main Prayer Venue


Date: 1 October 2022 (Sat)
Time: 10am-10pm
Venue: Ballroom, 2/F, Kerry Hotel, Hung Hom

(1)  Main Stage (Ballroom)

  • 12 hours of live You Tube broadcast throughout the day

  • Live Webcast three languages is available on the day  

  • Opening hours : 10:00 - 22:00

(廣東話)|香港祈禱日 Cantonese - 12 sctions based on topics of the table below

(普通話)|香港祈禱日 Putonghua

Live English|HK Day of Prayer
1st October (Sat) 

其他主要參與敬拜隊伍 Other major participating worship teams:

  • 讚美操 Praise Dance Team

  • 基甸列國號角大軍 Gideon to the Nations

  • 竹園區神召會梁省德中英文幼稚園 (兒童舞) PCHK Leung Sing Tak  Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten (Children Dance)

  • Shalom 12支派旗舞隊 Shalom12 tribes flag dance team

  • 新曙光旌旗隊 Jehovah Nissi Sunrise Dance Team

  • Roaring Lion

  • The Chosen Ones

  • 馬灣活水  Ma Wan River

  • 十一繪畫敬拜畫團隊 Prophetic Painting Team

  • 燃續創意敬拜學校舞蹈敬拜團隊 Life Kindling Creative Worship Dancing Team

  • Sunrise Dance Unit

  • 新造的人舞蹈隊 New Man Dance Team

  • Dance to The Nations

  • 湧泉中心 Overflow Spring Ministry

(12)  Hotel Lobby 2/F

with prayer stations

​Opening hours:11:00-18:00

suitable for familes joining!


​inlcudes:  (details will be posted later)

Bible Reading With Fire,  painting and worship,  writing copy of scripture, family altar, children pray-ground.


Prayer Corridor: Prayer for seven mountains, including: 


Art & Entertainment 娛樂


Business 商界


Church 宗教


Distribution 媒體


Education 教育


Family 家庭


Government 政府


Prayer Wall:  Write your prayer requests and post here


Special arrangement:  Batpism (only for registration from church organisations)