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Population: 39,624,000

Official Language(s): Dari, Pashto

People Groups: 70

Unreached People Groups: 67

Primary Religion: Islam (100%)

% of Christians: Christian Adherent: 0.0%; Evangelical: 0.0%

The 50 Most Dangerous Countries to Follow Jesus: Rank No. 2

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Population: 1,387,132,000

Official Language(s): Hindi, English

People Groups: 2,379

Unreached People Groups: 2,142

Primary Religion: Hinduism (95.6%)

% of Christians: Christian Adherent: 2.0%; Evangelical: Unknown

The 50 Most Dangerous Countries to Follow Jesus: Rank No. 10

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Population: 54,707,000

Official Language(s): Burmese

People Groups: 149

Unreached People Groups: 53

Primary Religion: Buddhism (83.4%)

% of Christians: Christian Adherent: 8.2%; Evangelical: 4.9%

The 50 Most Dangerous Countries to Follow Jesus: Rank No. 18

One of the most resource-rich countries in South East Asia. Yet after 50 years of military government, it also remains one of the poorest. The country has experienced over 70 years of civil wars, with continuing fighting and conflicts between the military and the various ethnic armed organizations, causing an ever-increasing number of refugees and internally displaced people. UNHCR estimated that at least about 1.5 million of people are internally displaced in Myanmar, with over 100,000 from Kachin State (90% of the population are Christians) alone due to long years of wars. Aung San Suu Kyi had led the new elected government since 2016; but ever since the military coup in early February 2021, Aung San Suu Kyi and major government leaders have been imprisoned. 


Burmese, being the largest among over 135 ethnic groups in Myanmar, are all deemed Buddhists. About 80% of the national population are Buddhists; only 9% are Christians, with the majority being from ethnic minorities. Christians mainly live in Kachin, Karen, Shan State and Chin State (totaling half of the Christian population in the country). Major challenges the Christian population faces include an increasing Burmanization of the country, rise of Buddhist Bamar chauvinism, radical Buddhist organizations’ continued attacks on Christians and churches, growing hostility against other religions and ethnic groups. Christians are persecuted by the Burmese Army, Buddhist monks, government officials, tribal militias and their own family. For example, non-Buddhists are not allowed to use community water resources. Much of Myanmar does not allow the construction of church buildings. Christians often meet at home or in business places. Many of the ethnic minority groups have long been demanding self-determination and have launched armed struggles against the army. Rohingya Muslims have long experienced ethnic cleansing, with an estimate of over 1 million having escaped to Bangladesh or temporarily dispersed to different places in Myanmar.

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Ramadan 2021 will start on 13 April and last through 12 May. Let us pray for the salvation of Muslims fervently. 

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