Prayer Walk | High Place Prayer

I.   What is a prayer walk?

  1. A form of intercessory prayer and a strategy of spiritual warfare.

  2. To pray according to the spiritual condition of the place while walking or traveling on vehicles (e.g. car, boat).

  3. Through prophetic actions, to proclaim God’s sovereignty in the area, pray for God’s removal of Satan’s veil and release of people from satanic control as well as God’s forgiveness, healing and salvation, etc.

  4. It may take place in a living apartment or building, on street, in community, on mountain, or even in a city as a whole.

II.  High Place Prayer

To retrieve divine authority from high place for spiritual warfare.

III. Training and Implementation

The training programme enables trainees to understand the importance of prayer walking; and through worship, praises and prayer, block the breach in the district and transform the spiritual atmosphere. Please scan or click the QR code to visit the page of “Spiritual Fitness”.


IV.  How to participate in prayer walking?

Sunrise House of Prayer organizes prayer walk every month. Through prayer walking, we:

  1. pass blessings of “Jesus loves Hong Kong” on to 18 districts of Hong Kong;

  2. focus on and have a deeper understanding of historical background and spiritual control of that district; and

  3. transform the spiritual atmosphere through worship, praises and prayer and enable blessings to flow into that district. 

For Prayer Walk in 2022, click here and refer to our webpage for new events