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World-wide Bible Reading With Fire

O children of God, let us queue up and proclaim the Word of God from 21 Nov (12:00 noon) to 25 Nov 2022.

Nov 2022 Thematic scripture:

     A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him: thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him: the judgment was set, and the books were opened. 

(Daniel 7:10)  

📖 Every time everyone read the Bible on an hourly basis and should finish at least 3 chapters.

烈火讀經示範 WinnieChung

烈火讀經示範 WinnieChung

參加烈火讀經注意事項 Points to note: 1) 參與者請自行在群組內報告開始和結束 Participants should report the starting and ending time in the group. 例如:我奉主耶穌基督的名,現在要為教會的復興、家族的復興、個人的復興宣讀神的話語 For example: In Jesus’s name I proclaim the Word of God for churches' revival, families' revival and personal revival. 我開始讀創世紀1章1節 Now I start with Genesis 1:1. 我讀完創世紀10章32節 I have finished reading Genesis 10:32. 2) 在群組內只是參與烈火讀經接力賽,敬請參與者不需要作任何打招呼的信息和傾談,以免增加信息 The group is used exclusively for the Bible Reading with Fire Relay. To prevent communication overload, please do NOT greet or chat in the group. 🔥預計每月舉辦一次的教會聯合烈火讀經接力赛,求主賜下聖靈的火、復興的火進入參與者的生命,以致我們能夠如火挑旺、行在主真理的光中! The Churches United Bible Reading with Fire Relay will tentatively be held once a month. May the Lord ignite participants’ lives with the fire of the Holy Spirit and the fire of revival that we be fanned into flame and walk in the Lord’s light of truth. 🔥 鼓勵各位踴躍參與,為這個世代跟隨基督,宣告神大能的話語,讓神掌權!We encourage all of you to join, proclaim the Word of God for this generation to follow Jesus Christ, and let God reign! 🔥 各位可以安在家中或任何地方,齊心宣告神的話語!You may choose a place at home or anywhere to proclaim the Word of God in unity. 已認領時間者, 可以到以下網頁觀看時間表 (認領時段, 以一小時為單位) Once you have signed up for timeslots, you may browse the timetable at the following website. (timeslots sign-up on an hourly basis)
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