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12 Gates

12 Gates is a cross-denominational prayer altar in the Kingdom of Lord and is located at Sunrise House of Prayer, 16/F, Hub 8, 239 Temple Street, Jordan. In the middle there is 12 Gates Square. On the two sides there are 12 individual prayer rooms.


Shoes off and socks on;

freewill offering box (re. IV)

Each prayer room is also a gate that represents a tribe (for the list of tribes, cf. Revelation 7:5-8), corresponding time of watch and countries and regions covered.

12 Gates_pie chart_20210524.gif


1號房 - 為中國山東、陝西

2號房 - 為中國北京、上海

3號房 - 為中國新疆、雲南

4號房 - 為廣東省、大灣區、香港、澳門

5號房 - 為台灣

6號房 - 暫時關閉

7號房 - 為菲律賓

8號房 - 為亞洲

9號房 - 為歐洲、美洲、澳洲

10號房 - 為非洲

11號房 - 為阿拉伯國家

​12號房 - 為以色列

(I) Opening Hours

12 Gates_timetable.jpg

(Note: Only intercessors on duty and those with prior consent are allowed to use during other times. For detailed rules of use, click here.)

(II)    How to use 12 Gates to pray for revival of all nations?

1.    12 Gates Prayer Rooms


a.    One prayer room for one person only, and solely for prayer use. Each person may use the same room for a maximum of two hours. After two hours of use, please swap to another prayer room to continue to pray. 
b.    Prayer rooms can be used for personal prayer, or for interceding for revival of countries covered by that particular Gate, or any other regions. Users may also join the ongoing watch at 12 Gates Square. 
c.    You may use prayer resources provided in the prayer room. Please return them to the original place after use. 
d.    Please sign in and out with your name and time etc. on the registration sheet on the shelf. 

2.    12 Gates Square


a.    For the sole use of watching for all nations by pre-registered and committed users (unless special permission is granted). The following are ongoing sessions and focuses of watch:

12 Gates_Focus of watch.jpg

b.    Watch in the form of harp and bowl, on the basis of 3 W’s: Worship, Word and Watch. The watch roster is posted on the side of the entrance, with themes of each session indicated.
c.    Watch is arranged on two-hour basis. Each session requires at least one intercessor and one musician.
d.    Reservation and registration is required before use (WhatsApp: 5147-2247; Tel: 2332-8361).
e.    If you would like to join morning sacrifices online, please scan or click the QR code below and log in the corresponding meeting link at designated time. 

(III)    Prayer resources and links



Pray for China, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan



Pray for Chinese ethnic minorities



Pray for all nations

(IV)    How to support 12 Gates? 

1.    Register as a member of Sunrise House of Prayer (SHOP) and use 12 Gates to watch for and bless all nations (re. (V)). 
2.    Recommend brothers and sisters in Christ to make use of 12 Gates and bless churches. 
3.    Join “2021 Gideon 300” to make regular offering to support 12 Gates – a cross-denominational prayer altar in the Kingdom of Lord (please scan or click the QR code):


(V)    SHOP membership 

To apply for SHOP membership, please scan or click the QR code and register online:

SHOP membership.png
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