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Aroma of burnt offering on the 3rd Day of Chinese New Year

I.   Background

Blessing Hong Kong Revival Team was made up of pastoral staff in the Christian church.  They participated in the monthly pastoral revival prayer meeting of Sunrise House of Prayer.  In November 2013, we initiated the “2014 Jesus Loves Hong Kong 3rd day CNY parade”.  It was organized in a voluntary basis. There was no formal name at the time.  It was organized by Sunrise Ministry Ltd. and co-organized by churches and organizations which participated in the revival prayer meeting. Rev. Gary Shek was the Chairman and Rev. Lam was the Vice Chairman.  In November 2014 when the event was held for the second time.  The organization was officially named as “Blessing Hong Kong Revival Team” which hosted the event. Sunrise Ministry Ltd. co-organized the event and handled the accounts.  The Chairman and Vice Chairman remains unchanged.  

II.  Vision 

In November 2014 “Blessing Hong Kong Revival Team” was formed, abbreviation  was “Blessing HK Team”.  We are committed to promote prayer in HK so that Hong Kong becomes a praying city and bring revival and transformation to the city. Through organizing a series of citywide meetings, the whole city rejoice, pray, worship and praise to bring unity and harmony.  

Theme Scripture: Proverbs 11:11 (a) Through the blessing of the upright a city is exalted



初三獻馨香祭 Sweet Offering
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The 8th Event in 2021: A pleasing offering (Farm)


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Fax: 2332-6232
Administration: Sunrise House of Prayer, 16/F, Hub 8, 239 Temple Street, Jordan, Kowloon 

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