2021 Gideon 300

更新日期:5月 7

Dear Warriors of the Kingdom,

In the beginning of a new year, may you all have good health, may your soul prosper, and may you be more than conquerors in all things through Him!

Our Mission Statement:

At the Centre of this city, we build a 24/7 watchtower (Habakkuk 2:1) that is pleasing to God to call on God for this city day and night (cf: Isaiah 62:6-7) to transform this city into a city of revival - the Lord's city.

Through a variety of ministries, we also serve churches. We have established a prayer training school to raise up thousands of intercessors and ten thousands of worshipers in expectation of a great harvest and to equip the bride (church) in expectation of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

We have gone through a challenging year of 2020 in difficult situation. But thanks for His mercy, God still uses us to make great contributions. In times of pandemic, we organized the 7th Church Parade on the 3rd Day of the Chinese New Year as well as the October 1st Hong Kong Day of Prayer, with even more participants than in the past years. In addition, we have developed the Mobile Church to worship, praise, and dance for God in the countryside. Rev Gary Shek has climbed up mountains to pray on high place for about 100 times to watch for this city, and has raised up high place prayer leaders and intercessors. Praise be to God! As we have entered 2021, God wants this altar of the Kingdom to kindle afresh Christians in Hong Kong. Just a few days ago, He told Rev Gary Shek to raise up "2021 Gideon 300" which has a part in this altar of the Kingdom to watch for Hong Kong. We therefore invite you to support this altar.

We have a monthly expenditure of about HK$300,000. About 300 warriors of Gideon who make a monthly offering to support our needs will keep the fire of this altar of the Kingdom burning for the Lord and bless Hong Kong abundantly. You may consider suggestions below to make an offering. May God use you.

Level 1 support: Monthly offering of HK$2,000

Level 2 support: Monthly offering of HK$1,000

Level 3 support: Monthly offering of HK$500

Other amount: Monthly offering of ________

One-off offering of ________

Online Offering Platform:

(Please specify in your offering: your name, phone number, email address and "2021 Gideon 300".)


May the grace, love and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your family abundantly. God bless you!


Sunrise House of Prayer

We invite you to register for membership of Sunrise House of Prayer (SHOP).

As a member, you may:

✨ enjoy free library service and borrow book and discs;

✨ freely use prayer rooms at 12 Gates during the specified period of time;

✨ enjoy discount on spiritual healing services; and

✨enjoy extra discount on Spiritual Fitness Classes.

SHOP membership registration form: https://www.sunriseministry.org/shopmembership

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