Dedication tips:
1) If the dedication record have been uploaded, you do not need to fill in the dedication envelope to us;
2) Please write down your receipt name, phone number and email address;
3) Unknown deposits of more than 6 months will not be issued a dedication receipt. If a dedication receipt is required. Please upload the dedication record to us.

4) If any upload problem, please email bank-in slip to


Please scan or

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3. ​Bank transfer

To Support 12-Gates watch for nations

To Pay SF Course Fee etc.

i) Hang Seng 385-337373-002

ii) Hang Seng FPS 7290638

To Support Hong Kong Day of Prayer

To Support The 3rd Day of CNY Parade

iii) HSBC 456-775568-001

iv) HSBC FPS 96553177


2. ​Credit Card

Electric Receipt

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4. Cheque

Payee: Sunrise Ministry Ltd

Please mail to: 16/F., Hub 8, 239 Temple Street, Jordan, Kowloon